The Six Year Plan - Kony Kakes

Dear Reader,

Few people have any idea what's going on in Uganda. Joseph Kony, the leader of guerrilla group Lord's Resistance Army, is currently indicted in the International Criminal Court for 12 crimes against humanity and 21 war crimes charges. In short, he abducts children, forces them to join his army, and brain washes them. These children, with no moral guidance, aid Kony in his fight for power in Uganda. Kony is clearly a True Lawful Evil if I ever saw one. Obviously, it's just wrong. Luckily, there are people who want to help.

Since there has been all this recent buzz about Kony 2012, I don't see a better way to spread awareness than with a Six Year Plan original recipe. I give you Kony Kakes.


- One box of Orange Cake Mix
- 12 oz. Milk Chocolate Chips (preferably minis)
- 3 eggs
- 1 1/3 cups water
- 1/3 cup oil
- Paper or Foil Baking Cups
- 16 oz. Vanilla Frosting
- Red and Black Writing Gel


- Preheat oven and mix cake batter as instructed.
- Once batter is ready, add in bag of chocolate chips and mix again.
- Fill cupcake pan with papers, add batter, and bake until done.
- Let cool, add vanilla frosting and writing gel.

These cupcakes are supposed to inform the mind and excite the taste-buds simultaneously. The orange cake mixed with the chocolate chips is supposed to represent the Ugandan Flag (red + yellow makes orange...). The chocolate chips symbolize the Invisible Children, hidden to the world by misinformation and apathy. By eating the cupcakes, you make the Invisible Children visible and spread awareness to your cause. Try making them at your next Kony 2012 rally! I'm sure they'll steal the show. Oh, the sweet, sweet taste of Justice.

"These Kony Kakes get me more pumped up than a tall glass of Waragi!"