So for the past several months I've been pushing out content that intrigues me; everything from Real-World Batmobiles and Self-Driving Cars to Smart Glass Windows that go from working blinds to playing Angry Birds and streaming Netflix. We've talked about Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla; we've talked about Japan's Nuclear Crisis (Averted) and we've talked about how to water-proof your phone sans-case.
But now, I wanna know what YOU WANT out of this (afterall, my interests -- despite being varied -- are incredibly biased). Tweet us with #IWannaSee to @TheRealJTweet or @TheDailySerge; or simply comment below.
In the meantime, check out this LITHIUM-POWERED LIGHT CYCLE. For sale now (there's a little bit of a wait-list b/c these puppies are hand-made, but if you've got $55k go right ahead).