Tech Tuesdays Vol. 25: WATERPROOF.

Recently, I helped a friend shop for and purchase a LifeProof case for his iPhone 4 after his OtterBox got ripped to shreds by 12 Go Karts at American Indoor Karting. Fortunately, his phone made it out with minimal damage: a $15 fix was all that was required to replaced the rear Gorilla Glass backing of his phone. Had it been the front Gorilla Glass touch-screen, he would've had to shell out $150. Mirculously, his front screen remained unscathed (someone was watching out for him!).

We ended up going to BestBuy to purchase a LifeProof case which offered added benefits over the OtterBox, including some degree of waterproof protection. This prompted me to do some digging... just how much CAN you protect your phone from water?

I found out.

A company called LIQUIPEL offers a really awesome form of Nano-Protection to coat your phone inside and out, making puddles of rain quake with fear. No longer will accidental drops, spills, or washings wear your hair thin. Liquipel is a phenomenal preventative method of waterproof protection for your favorite device, and only runs you about $59.

This guy's genuine reaction of surprise at a Liquipel's effectiveness underscores that Liquipel is the real deal.

Another company making a big splash is H20 audio. They are working on a new product called iDive that is supposed to be waterproof up to 90m deep. It'll run you $349, but it might be worth it if you're into scuba diving and want to snap a pic of that awesome fish with you phone and post it to Flickr under the sea.

That's the best of what I found. I hope that this was helpful. In the meantime, should you be suffering from a water damaged phone, remember: DON'T TURN IT ON OR USE IT AT ALL: doing so may short circuit the device. Put it in a bag of uncooked rice for 3 days; dry it on low heat w/ a hair dryer for 15 minutes every morning. I have done this, for multiple devices, multiple times. IT IS NOT A FAILSAFE, but it is your best bet in that worst-case scenario.

Or, you could just get Liquipel.

Good luck.



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