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"Funkytown" single artwork
Nothing huge happened this week musically.  So without further ado, I'll cut straight to the chase:

Funkytown, for those of you who don't know, was among the last of a dying breed.  Released 18 February 1980 towards the end of the reign of disco (evident if you have ears and with its use of string instrumentation), this track was a chart-topper throughout literally most of the world, only with the exception of the United Kingdom (2) and Sweden (2).

With heavy synthesizer and some funk influence, the upbeat track is one that will cause you to at least move your neck back and forth.  If you've never heard the track, do yourself the favor and change this immediately - it's that good.

A staple in any real dance playlist, the modulation between parallel major and minor tonality throughout the track with consistent rhythmic direction (primarily effective via the off beat syncopation and moving bass progression heard predominantly throughout the A section) are what I find myself paying closest attention to.  A solid guitar riff adds the perfect amount of tension throughout the chorus, and in doing so, ensnares the hearts, minds, and ears of those listening...

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