The Six Year Plan - Yancey Relays

Dear Reader,

 I don't bullshit. Especially when I drink. I wanna get drunk quickly. And I'm not the only one.

 This is one of my bros. His name is Shannon Yancey. He likes to party. This man can out drink Russians, dude, so he can definitely out drink you.

Well, we've spent a lot of time trying to figure out a effective way to get drunk quick, and that method is called The Yancey Relay. It's Game Time.


- 3 Shot Glasses
- Gin
- Monster
- Stamina
- A "Six Year Plan" Pint Glass and Shot Glass, just because. 

-Line up the three shot glasses.
- Fill them with Gin. Pour the first shot 80% full, then the second and third, 50% and 20% respectively.
- Top off each glass with Monster. Notice the lovely color gradient the mixture produces.
- Brace yourself.
- Starting with the most potent shot, drink them as quickly as humanly possible. Time it.
- Set up the next round. Repeat.

Give it about ten minutes, and you'll start feeling the buzz. This is not to be taken lightly. It's the ultimate pre-gamer, and may lead to Blackout. You've been warned. This post shows you how to make a single relay, but we usually rock it with double relays. That means six glasses in the row. You think we're cray, whatever. I think the current time record is a Double Relay in 4.6 seconds. Gettin' shit done. 

Until Next Time


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