Tech Tuesdays Vol. 28: Do It Yourself, 3rd Edition

I've said this a lot, but it truly is a challenge to constantly present new, exciting, mostly-relevant content each week. Nevertheless, my findings for you this week are pretty B.A. "How B.A.?", you ask? How's a $3 makeshift home-theater powered by your favorite handheld device sound to you? Thought so.

The following video is a step-by-step instructional to building your own makeshift home theater, without breaking the bank. Heck, with the money you just saved, you can even splurge on some pop-corn ('cause ladies love pop-corn almost as much as gaming-the-system rebel types such as yourself).

DIY-Projectors just not your thang? If you're looking for something a little more challenging, or you just love cars, you'll be interested to see how one car owner decided to forgo the factory-standards and pimp his Honda Element -- Tech Tuesdays style.

iChatting in an automobile. Cue "The Jetsons" theme song...

Last but not least, remember the Kinect hacks promised? **

That's it for today folks. As always, your feedback is highly appreciated. Comment below, and/or Tweet @TheRealJTweet or @TheDailySerge with what you want to see more of/less of, your stories and experiences, your triumphs, your almost-triumphs. We look forward to hearing from you.


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**Note: In a previous post I mistakenly promised a Mass Effect hack for Kinect. I hope that providing this Skyrim hack will more than make up for that. And, if you're still not satisfied, I welcome you to embrace your inner entrepreneurial spirit and create one yourself, which you can then share with the world. After all, would you be reading a DIY-post if you didn't have some amount of drive?


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