United or Divided? The Daily Serge's Exclusive Interview

I had the privilege of interviewing a long time acquaintance turned politician Tuesday afternoon.  Walking throughout historic Ghent in Norfolk, I approached the Starbucks on Colley Avenue and saw my subject.  Sunny and clear, the day topped off near 70 degrees - perfect weather reflective of the hour long talk I had with Christopher Charles George.

George has recently decided to run for Virginia's 3rd Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.  His campaign, in its infant stage, currently needs 2500 signatures by June 12th in order to be able to appear on the ballot for election.  Christopher has approximately 100 presently, but is optimistic and passionate for his success.  If George receives enough signatures by the deadline, he will be running against current representative Robert C. Scott (D), who has held the seat since 3 January 1993.  Christopher's optimism extends beyond receiving enough signatures to appear on the ballot into the actual election in November.  Running as an Independent against a Democrat, George hopes to bring not just physical youth to the district that Ron Paul won on 6 March, but intellectual youth.  With fresh, new ideas, Christopher hopes that his age is an edge over the stagnant opposition who has held the seat for twenty years with little to no change or opposition. 

George's views tend to be center-left, though it is unfair to box him in into such mold exclusively.  When asked what issues to be most important to him in the 3rd District, he answered first with infrastructure - road conditions throughout the area are mediocre, at best, and need to be improved immediately.  This stems from his concern that those responsible for road conditions are essentially unmotivated to see the in proper form.  He also sees the absurd amount of traffic as a contributing factor to the poor road conditions, and an issue in and of itself.  He hopes to bring alternative solutions to ease congestion for his district.  He followed infrastructure with gerrymandering and segregation.  Exceptionally progressive, George sees racial inequality as a major issue to this day.  He furthered his case by explaining how the 3rd District was redrawn based off of racial and socioeconomic zones to make it a poorer, predominantly African American district.  Education was the third listed, following up with a call to repeal the No Child Left Behind Act indefinitely.

George's progressive nature calls into question what it truly means to be an American.  What he has arrived at is his means to meeting his goals for the 3rd District.  True unity is the thing that George plans to use to make progress for his constituents.  His catchphrase, one he used a number of times throughout the discussion, "United or Divided?" is what he hopes open people's eyes with in the attempt to bring people together.  He hopes to create a culture where working together is the norm and where genuine understanding of issues for the best decision of his district, not nation, is practiced.  George said "Let's make legitimate steps to make progress to make things happen."  This comes from his reason for getting into the political realm - an intense passion for public service, a family value instilled in him for as long as he can remember.  Because of this, George sees his potential election as a necessity, not a merely a job.

Here's a link to the campaign's Facebook page.  Christopher Charles George expects his own website to be up and running in +/- two weeks.

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