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As if it is possible to come back from last week's post on Khat House's EP, Welcome to Khat House, I will, regardless, attempt to hop right back into the groove of things. 

Another week, another musical opinion.  I've heard this song in heavy circulation this week.  I wasn't able to catch the name or artist, but I feel like it's by Nicki Minaj.  Not a fan whatsoever.  In fact, it furthers my existing opinions on pop music.  I also heard this extremely nasty jam on a local radio station earlier this week.  Freakin' unreal.  Again, unfortunately was unable to catch the artist or song title.  What you take from this paragraph is up to you.  It's kind of useless up to this point...  Regardless, within the past few weeks, my iPod's play count has drastically been reformed with the introduction of Prince's "Erotic City" off of his Night Before the Reign album.  Saying I've had the song on repeat is an understatement.  Despite the mediocre sound quality (that's being generous), check it out

Also on repeat has been Strange Talk's "Climbing Walls."  This upbeat, electropop, Melbournese indie group hits a grand slam with this single.  "Climbing Walls" struck gold in reaching number one on Billboard's Uncharted on 17 September 2011.  You might be thinking "Really?  The Uncharted chart?"  It is a map to be put on, despite it not being a more credible map...  Since Strange Talk is still totally underground, not yet mainstream (although this may change in the near future, claims an Australian source), and on one of Perth's four independent radio stations, that automatically makes them a great band to anyone who knows anything.  This track solidifes such slaim.  A great tempo sets the tone of the track with a sound machine functioning as a metrenomic unit.  Guitar lays out an extremely simple melody with the chord progression that will cycle throughout the remant of the song.  A tutti eventually occurs with vocal, bass, and synthesizer introduction.  From this point, the song continues to develop with use of quarter note tripelets.  This rhythmic pattern helps create that sesnation that is responsible for you bobbing your head, or if you're anything like me, all of dancing regardless of the environment.

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