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Yes, I'm going to start saying "Dear Readers," because I know there are multiple of you. And if there aren't, there damn well will be after this post. Today, I present to you the first in a series of Six Year Interviews. God granted my one wish to interview Khat House, and it is now my civic duty to spread the good news.

Khat House, in short, is a rag-tag group of handsome young men, who love all things feline, and want to make music. They're based out of Rochester, New York, and all attend University of Rochester. Honestly, they're the only reason Rochester still deserves to be on a map (especially since these guys are huge tools.) It would be a crime to confine these gentlemen to a label. Ok, but seriously, if I had to commit Khat House to a genre, it would most likely be something along the lines of "Cat themed progressive-indie-British-pop-post-hardcore that you can dance and get weird to." The members, however, would just call it Sex Rock. 

Originally formed in late 2010, they were to be referred to as Party Rock. Once February 2011 rolled around, however, LMFAO rocked a show on UR's campus. Shortly thereafter, "Party Rock Anthem" was blasting from every radio in America. Maybe Khat House has shaped American Music, and History for that matter, more than previously anticipated. Conspiracy theory? Maybe. Coincidence? I think not. We may be onto something.

Khat House consists of (from left to right in the above image) Neal Kennedy, Eric Chubinsky, Nick Shirley, Andrew Polec, and Mark Lamagna. Respectively, they cover the Bass, Drums, Guitar A, Vocals, and Guitar B. 

Now, to give you some perspective, I'm a self proclaimed music snob. Horribly and completely. I'm not proud of it, but we are who we are. That being said, it takes a lot for me to say a small, local band is good. Let's face it: there are only so many times I want to hear Journey cover songs. But not Khat House. They bring a new, confident energy to the stage when its showtime, and to be honest they're just plain fun. Their music is straightforward, catchy, and it's stuff that I DO want to dance and get weird to. That, and babes love it, inexplicably, all the time, forever. I guess that's Sex Rock for ya. Khat House is a damn talented band, to say the very least. And if you don't agree after checking them out, then I don't want you reading this blog anymore.

Just saying: Tune in for this Monday Edition of "On That Note," where staff-writer Michael Serge reviews "Welcome to Khat House." Should be purrrrrfect.

During the Six Year Interview (for lack of a better name), I asked the group several questions, and I'll do my best to transcribe them accordingly:

So do you all have any particular band-party story that stands out above all the others?

-To be honest, our show is a lot more of a party than anything else. The CD release show, actually, was probably the most intense band thing we've done. We had people crowd surfing and stage diving, it was insane. The last song we played was Te Dijo, and we pulled everyone up on stage to sing the final hook. Our live show is a lot more "in your face" than the studio recording. 

"What do you mean you're not gonna buy the demo?"
Ok, so you all party, have good times, whatever works, right? If you had to assign an alcoholic beverage to each member, who would be what?

- Neal: Moonshine, no questions asked. Or maybe Everclear.
- Andrew: Appletini or Shirley Temple.
- Nick: A really strong, unexpected Jello Shot.
- Mark: Genny Cream Ale.
- Eric: Tequila, chased with Keystone.

Are there any strange pre/post show rituals you participate in?

- Well, its by coincidence, but every time we've played a show it precipitates in some way, so we've kinda taken that as a sign of good luck, even if it's snow, which is most the time in Rochester. When it isn't precipitating we may or may not sacrifice a house cat. We almost had a thing going where we went to KFC before shows, but that only happened once. Everyone felt comatose on stage. 

As a group, what would you have to agree your top three musical influences are?

-  We'd have to go with Foxy Shazam, Circa Survive, and Two Door Cinema Club. Pretty much anything on Glass Note Records. Other influences include At The Drive In, Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Minus The Bear, and Phoenix.

Individually, when you listen to the Demo, what is the most exciting moment for you?

- Mark: Sorry for Partying, just because of how edgy it is.
- Neal: The chorus of vocals on the bridge of Sorry For Partying. It was a last minute decision that I wasn't there for, and it just completely blew me away when I first heard it.
- Eric: The final chorus of Tyger Girl. The syncopated groove with the tambourine and guitar lick, Andrew going's a really fun moment.
- Andrew: The beginning of Te Dijo, with the filter bringing all the instruments in. It feels like you're surfacing into the song.
- Nick: The end of Kiss You. The trumpets come in, the guitar solo comes in, everything is in harmony, and the last chorus is just heavenly.

Is it possible to own too much cat-print clothing?

No. The answer is no.

Khat House would like to extend special thanks to the WRUR Radio Production Department, Juan Tobar, and Doug Raus for all the help, effort, and consideration that went into producing their "Welcome to Khat House" 4-Track Demo.

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Listen to Khat House LIVE this Sunday, May 6th, from  7 - 9 pm. They'll be recording a live concert / studio interview with WITR. Listen online at 

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