The Six Year Plan - Summer Plans

Dear Reader,

So, I'm home for summer break. So far, I've worked full time all week, hung out with friends a bit, and caught up on some much needed and well deserved rest. Although I want it to be a chill break, I've got plenty of stuff I need/want to do. They are as follows:

1. Identity Festival: The ticket is already bought. $25 to see some of my favorite Dubstep, Trance, Drum & Bass, and general Electronic Music DJs. Most notably is Madeon, the young up-and-coming star from France. The kid is like, 18 years old, and can spin like a champ. Check him out here.

2. Starscape: This one is still up in the air. I want to go, it'll just be quite the investment. Again, solid freaking line up and a good location. It's just a matter of justifying the cost (ticket, gas, time driving, time from work, etc)

3. BEAT GAUNTLET: Yes, I am talking about the shitty 3-D dungeon crawler for Gamecube. Keep your opinions to yourself, I don't want to hear them. I know the game is mindless and sometimes drawn out; I play if for that exact reason. It's a solid game, and that's that. Plus, my Knight is already maxed out, I can't just leave him hanging.

4. Draw More: Although I would like to just Draw Something all summer, I need to devote ample time to actually drawing as well. Pencil, pen, marker, whatever. (Apparently my charcoal pieces are actually somewhat legit...) Practice makes perfect, or at least in my case, better, and I damn well want to be better than the rest of my studio-mates (as if I'm not already). (There's really no good way to incorporate a winky face into a blog and still be taken seriously.)(As if anyone has EVER taken me seriously...)

5. Work Out: I don't want to be chiseled, but tone is nice. Yeah, Dat Tone.

6. Beach: I live on the beach and don't go to it nearly enough. It ends now.

7. Drink: Yes, my goals for the summer are to finally:
           A) Find a Beer I like.
           B) Learn how to drink the Beer I find that I like.
           C) Beat SOMEONE in a shot-to-shot competition. Not that I can't, I'm quite sure I can, but every
                       time I've tried to initiate, plans always fall through. Competition starts NOW.

I think that about covers it. Pretty chill summer, eh?

Until Next Time

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