Do It Youself, Edition 8

    Readers, my apologies for a lack of posts recently.  I honestly woke up this morning thinking that it was Tuesday when it is in fact Wednesday.  The past couple of weeks have been quite hectic, with me shuffling around from work/home/church faster than Dominic from "Fast & Furious", with a trip to the mountains on top of that (Skyline Drive, baby). Nevertheless allow me to throw you a bone (or a chip) to make up for it. 

     get regular e-mails from the likes of The last email I recieved (while in the mountains actually) contained instructions on construction an edible work of art known as The Glass Potato Chip. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your health & nutrition choices. Read on at the following link. 

     Then, for those of you enjoying the world of circuitry featured here recently, I discovered instructions for an automatic dimming light (via

     Finally, I was absolutely delighted to discover DIY furniture creation posts (see Tech Tuesday on a Monday: Memorial Day Special for the Cardboard Cantilever Chair 2.0). That said, I give you: The Fed-Ex Stool. Why? Because it's just so darn easy, it should be a crime...

Pictures courtesy of their respective sources; perspective brought to you by @TheRealJTweet. Want to see something featured? Tweet me w/ the hastags #TDS #TechTuesday.


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