The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with 'Ludo'...

A few Saturdays ago, The Six Year Plan let us dip our feet into the band Ludo.  Today, I am going to grab you by the legs and toss you into one of the greatest musical experiences on the face of this planet, or any other.  You will come on the journey of how I came across this band and how it is on the same level as The Killers and Muse....and once you love their music, you'll question your very own existence.

My story begins 2008 in Charleston, SC.  On the radio, I head the song Love Me Dead.  It was a catchy tune that used the phrase, "You're born of a jackal; you're beautiful!" to describe the woman in the song.  I was hooked.  But I never actually noticed who sang it, and almost two years passed before I would hear it again.  It was 2009.  December.  Enter John McMusicologist*.

Pretty much this guy, but with more cool...

He had a burned, most likely illegally pirated copy of a band named Ludo.  This guy was into medicinal marijuana, sans the medicinal purposes, so I was hesitant of actually listening to a band who bases their name off of a creature in Labyrinth, so I take a look at the discs and decide to listen to them 'in due time', which if you know me, actually means 'never'.  That could have been the greatest awful decision ever made since my investment into Enron.  Luckily, while driving in another friend's car that weekend who was given the pirate's bounty of CDs, I got to hear Ludo for the second first-time.  It was a song about a man who fights through a Mayan temple to retrieve his kidnapped girlfriend. 
These guys are genius.

Every woman's dream, every man's idol...

Every song was better than the last.  The moment we got back to our dorms, I immediately went Blackbeard on those CDs and added them to my library.  Every day, the vocals of Andrew Volpe filled my room.  All Christmas break, it was a Ludofest.  Their West Coast riffs and just 'pop' enough to make you want more attitude was clutch.  And the lyrics were legitimately enjoyable.  They introduced me to my first Rock Opera.  For those who don't know, a rock opera is where you listen to a Broadway done by folks who actually have a pair.

Around this time, I was courting an Asian gal.  The part where she is Asian is irrelevant, however the fact she was a girl means everything.  In a park overlooking a river, I needed her to make tears of joy (as my one liner jokes about mixing caterpillars and radios to create walkie-talkies where getting nowhere...).  I played the whole Broken Bride set from start to finish.  The ending made her weep.  Though Ludo gets the credit, I got the reward.

A year after rediscovering the band, I was going to their first concert.  So what if I had work the next day, these guys didn't travel 40 thousand miles from the future just to be stood up.  Two tickets later, the lady-friend and I were driving to see them.  It wasn't my first concert, and it was not my last, but it ranks as one of the top three greatest concert experiences, to this day.  On an unrelated note, my "I Pterodactyl Ludo" shirt would not be in until the day after, but that did not hinder the experience.  During the concert, they taught us how to dance to their newest hit about whipped cream.  Although difficult to execute in a car, it is still possible and has yet to cause a wreck.  I digress.  The concert was on the heels of their most recently released album, Prepare the Preparations, which includes a song about pirates, which is fitting because until that point, I have given the band nothing, but taken everything.

After the concert, the lady-friend and I purchased all their albums.  It was the least we could do to finally become law abiding citizens and better fans.  They even stuck around to hang out and relax, sign autographs, and just live the dream.  On the ride back to the Chucktown, we jammed out to their latest album.  Technically, we were pulled over by a statey (state trooper for those not familiar with the Northeast), but we got away with just a warning.  He said it was because he was looking for folks who have been drinking and to slow down, but realistically, he heard the music when we drove by, and just wanted a taste of that sweet, sweet sound.

Thumbs up, all around...


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