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Memory Tapes artwork for "Bicycle"
 A day late for my post, it struck me that I have become very busy within the last couple of months.  This week surfaced this unfortunate reality: it is 10:00 AM on Tuesday and I still have no idea what material to cover for yesterday's post.  Sure, I could pull something from up my sleeve, but that just isn't The Daily Serge.

Enter the life changing event that just hit me between the eyes.  Rewind 6 days.  Place yourself on the campus of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  No, we're not eating burgers and dogs - we're eating Mexican...

Meeting up with a friend from high school covered many topics of discussion.  A student at an Ivy League school, this individual shared their stories of intense academia, mushroom use, underaged alcoholic consumption (never to the point of intoxication), and a number of indie groups that you've probably never heard of that had performed live on campus.  Since I am gracious, it finally dawned on me to share some of these acts with you, so long as to not remain better than you (hipsters equate the amount of indie musical acts they are semi-acquainted with to them being better than you).  I'm not actually a hipster - I just try to be funny.  I'll realistically probably lose half of my audience with that statement.

Memory Tape's "Bicycle" is a track that your friends are not likely to know.  Next time you find yourself at a party, click above link (^^^^^^) to score some points with... well, yourself.  This is what being a hipster is all about, right?  This is unless there are some other hipsters present as well, which is likely the case if you are a hipster.  This will give you more points amongst them.

The song has a nice ambiance.  While I wouldn't necessarily listen to it just to listen to it, the track makes great background music.  Have you ever been somewhere that you didn't want to be?  It doesn't have to be awkward - you just didn't want to be there, and because of this, you started to pay more mind to the soundtrack of wherever you found yourself?  This song is perfect for that type of soundtrack/situation.

Photovoltaic artwork
Consider Jump in to the Gospel's "Photovoltaic."  Much harder than "Bicycle," though still exceptionally light, the track has a nice groove.  Though you'll probably still score points for knowing this underground track, it is far more mainstream than "Bicycle."  You can't win 'em all, right?  My favorite thing about this track is probably the interval in the vocals.  Totally far out.

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