The Six Year Plan: Gin-Beer Floats

Dear Readers,

I've been doing a severe amount of experimentation lately. New ideas, new experiences, new people, but most of all, and most importantly, new recipes. I mean, what would The Six Year Plan be without new, original, far fetched recipes? Let's be honest, that's the only reason I'm on your cerebral radar. Onward. 

So since it's summer, and I'm home in sweet, sweet Virginia Beach, I've been hanging out with my tight knit group of friends from middle school. If you know anything about us, that directly translates to a lot of drinking. Correction: Day-Drinking. Correcting Corrections: when you frequently day drink, it gets to the point where you just call it "drinking" again, so yeah. Whatever, you get it.

I found myself in a sticky situation last week. I was hosting a small shindig at my house, and everything was going fairly smooth. Suddenly, I had a strange craving. I needed ice cream. No, I needed a root beer float. Unfortunately, drunk me didn't have root beer, but dammit I had normal beer. A few cogs in the great machine started turning, and I knew I was onto something revolutionary. Alas, a legend was born. 

-  Vanilla Ice Cream, any brand.
-  Shock Top, any variety
-  Gin, preferably lime flavored

-  Fill up glass with Ice Cream. 
-  Pour beer, let foam settle, and pour more. Leave glass 95% full
-  Add shot of gin. 
-  Mix and enjoy. 
It's a pretty solid drink. Get's the job done, certainly. I had one at 10:30 this morning, and needless to say, started my morning off right. Next time you're out drinking and someone wants dessert, you know what to do. And if not, take the words of one of the great modern philosophers and humanitarians into account: YOLO.

Until Next Time


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