The Six Year Plan: Ludo

Dear Readers,

I know I've been a piece of shit lately. I haven't been posting regularly, and it's shameful. But I'm gonna change that. I can't help it if I'm preoccupied with a full time job, a social life, and a bum router at home. So it goes.

Anyway, I've just been introduced to the band Ludo. And I am amazed. If you're looking for a creepy, ridiculous, post-80's teeny bopper pop ROCK OPERA band, then STOP LOOKING. I mean, they wrote an album about time travel, pterodactyls, the apocalypse, zombies, and true love. That sounds like an overwhelming package of awesome. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

He approves.
That's all I really have today. Ludo. I mean, it's a good thing to post about. I think they were worth the time at least. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, whipped cream.

Until Next Time.


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