The Six Year Plan: Shit I Think About Vol.1

There is a word that belongs in that title, between About and Vol. I'm sure some of you know enough about me to fill in the blank, and for everyone else who doesn't, it really shouldn't be that hard. Although I am ballsy, I'm also wise enough to know that being blatant about such subjects may or may not lead to future repercussions. The American Prohibition Era proved that you can't control morality, and thus the 21st Amendment was ratified. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have my fun and you should too, and it's only a matter of time before it won't matter anymore. Because it shouldn't.

Anyway, that should be enough clarification for you to decide if you want to keep reading or not. Onto the subject matter. As you can tell, this is (probably) the first of many posts about random things I may or may not think about in distracted states of mind.

"So, like, wanna watch Tron or Rango?"   -"What?"

Volume 1: Primal Human Nature

I find evolutionary biology fascinating. I don't know nearly enough about it, but trust me, whenever I get the chance, I soak up whatever knowledge I can get my hands on. Subsequently, whenever I get silly, I like to think about humans as just really, really, really fancy monkeys. I mean, honestly it isn't that far from spot on. We're just monkeys that like to dress nice, do their hair, etc etc etc. You get the point. Once I'm in this mindset, my creativity wanders about, and I start narrating whatever situation I'm in as if it were a National Geographic program. Or Animal Planet or Discovery Channel. I pretty much try to think about stuff as if I were an alien trying to analyze the infinite complexities, randomness, and absurdities that make up humanity for the first time. I guess this is kinda an example:

Nature Example:
Human Equivalent: (start at 7:35 for direct example)

The pack seems to be engaging in some sort of strange ritual. 
Crickey. See what I mean? No? Oh well. I tried.


  1. If I was single, I'd find the first chick I wanted and rail 'em!

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  3. Thanks for the head's up. Problem resolved.