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"Doctor Pressure": A remix of "Drop the Pressure"
Only a week ago, the 4th of July is not just a celebration of American independence, but a celebration of the nation's culture as a result of said independence.  With culture reaching across the board, music has a huge role to play in this holiday for many across the nation.

On July 4th of 2009, you would have found me in Charleston, South Carolina at an outdoor orchestral concert living not only the dream, but this reality out as well.  Many popular classical tunes were performed by said ensemble.  Coming off of the high of hearing 1812 Overture performed live by a community orchestra played its role in realizing the niche music has in the festivities of the holiday, but what really did it for me that evening were post-concert festivities.  

Downtown Charleston is a happening place in and of itself.  Thrust yourself into this proving setting: 10:30 PM, 85 degrees (F) with what felt like 100% humidity.  A black BMW rolls by the street you're walking down.  Three men are in the vehicle shirtless, but with sunglasses on.  They seem to be in great physical condition as well...  More important is the sound that is as clear as day (although it was night) that is coming from their car.  

Prompted by my insight into the art, I couldn't help but ask the three strapping men what the name of the track was.  With their straightforward reply "Drop the Pressure," these words not only became the song my three friends and I all bought off of iTunes the next day, but the motto that formed a brotherhood.

Largely electronic, "Drop the Pressure" has everything found in great music: rich melody and heavy reliance on harmony.  +1  Constant movement by the bass gives the song direction.  The song is not too techno heavy, but offers enough taste in the genre for those who fancy it.  This is a track the permits one to "lose yourself in the music, the moment" without drugs or alcohol.  It just works.  Great.

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