On That Note

The ingredients for a great rock band: an "out there" bassist, solid drummer, exceptional guitarist, and charismatic lead.  Enter Van Halen
For those of you who read our tweet late last week announcing this week's 'On That Note,' I regret to inform you that there will be an interruption to our previously scheduled program.  Upon being introduced to Van Halen's "Hot for the Teacher" Saturday evening, I couldn't help but shake the beehive and come back to Ravel next week.

"What is rock and roll?" is a question that has plagued mankind since the 1950s.  After listening to "Hot for the Teacher," depending on the time of day, I realized I would likely respond with the title of this song as my answer.  Midnight to noon would likely yield "Muse," whereas noon to eight would give "a style of music."  Eight to eight fifteen?  "Hot for the Teacher."  Reminder: lyrics are not my "forte" - no pun intended...

Tempo, like so many other great songs, plays a massive role in this short masterpiece.  Extremely upbeat, this was the first thing, outside of the catchy (bass) drum intro.  The air guitaring I may or may not participate in (usually happens) is strongly encouraged by this.  A solid guitar solo, drawing heavily on minor arpeggiation,  quickly builds on the drum intro as the song takes off.  The first theme is introduced after the solo as David Lee Roth takes the stage.  Eddie Van Halen busts out a second guitar solo in the B section.  My response?  Wishing I could have seen/heard this live.

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