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Black Holes and Revelations artwork
Having been exposed to Muse nearly three years ago, I think it is time for me to crack into some of their music.  This was fueled by listening to most of their HAARP album, which is a recording of the band's live performance at Wembley Stadium in 2007 (Muse was the first band to sell out the new Wembley Stadium with this show).

Download this song (especially the live version) right now.  Next time you are using an elevator to go up, play this track.  The introduction, because of the augmentation, lends itself to creating the sensation of effortless escalation.  Constant modulation from key to key and the tampering with time sustains a certain dimension to this throughout the entire song.  Very spacey.  The song features some of the best harmony I've heard in any popular music.  Consider the supporting vocals just after three minutes in the lyric "destruction to all that you touch" and again with "pay for your crimes against the earth."

The fusion of rock and aspects of electronica, namely via the heavy synth, is perhaps what I respect most of this song, especially since it is done so well and a mere sampling of the musical diversity Muse offers.  We will explore this more in the weeks to come.

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Just in case you have a synthesizer laying around to program...


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