The Six Year Sneak Attack

Dear Readers,

I know you were expecting a post yesterday. So was I. Unfortunately, I was too busy moving all of my collegiate material possessions into my new downtown, frat-tastic house. Busy weekend to say the least.

As a reader, I'm sure you were wondering what was going on with my ultimate give-away. Don't think I've forgotten about you. Although I promised to announce a winner yesterday, instead I'm going to announce a winner next week. You've got one last chance to win a FREE Bacardi Stein. Don't be foolish.

I'm considering starting a new weekly post, in addition to the typical Six Year Plan. It would be some form of art/design/media shenanigans. Just something to keep me drawing. Plus, it would give you better insight to the madness that is The Six Year Plan.

If you want more of this, Quack. 

Lemme know what you think.

Until Next Time


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