I'm a Sketchy Dude: Beholder's Eye

This is the first post of (hopefully) many. Like I've mentioned before, this blog is simply a medium through which I can produce and display tasteful, art-like, 'design' based creations. To be perfectly honest, this is more for me than you. It's a way to motivate myself to continue sketching, drawing, thinking, etc etc. 

I still haven't figured out a title for this thread, but I'm sure one will come eventually. (The posted one is a working title. I'm open to suggestions)

So this is what I painted recently. Sure, it's a little cheesy and looks like a Yu Gi Oh monster, but I'm ok with that for now. It's the first time I've ever really tried painting with acrylics. Started out experimenting with spiral brush strokes and mixing reds, oranges, and yellows. I did the same sort of thing with blue colors on top of that, which made the background. I could have stopped there, cuz it looked pretty cool, but why waste a canvas with something so simple? I don't really know why I put those big purple eye sores in the corners, but they kinda helped set up the perspective. After that, it looked like some sort of portal type thing,  and since I just finished up a Dungeons and Dragons campaign involving portals and monsters and all, I guess the theme stuck. Threw on a big eye and some floaty tentacles. Creepy, eh? Yes, yes it is.


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