On That Note

D minor is among the most colorful keys of music, only falling behind (obviously in my opinion) e minor, b minor, d major, and g major.  Save Dvorak's seventh symphony, Muse's "Micro Cuts" offers one of the best "ears on" experience in tasting this.

Although one of the songs I am least familiar with of the band's, I While not terribly demanding instrumentally or striking melodically, this track is solid and serves as a good support song to some of Muse's more grandiose productions in a set list.  Check this album out for more details.  

Starting off with steady eighth notes in the bass and tonic arpegiation in the guitar sets a dismal tone from the start.  An overcast black and grey engulfs the song with minimal, if any, modulation into any major tonality.  This is one of Muse's most used compositional devices - manipulation of harmonic minor tonality.  While they use this tonality arguably too much, it works.  This is evident in many of their other works.

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