The Six Year Plan: For the Kids - Treehouses

Dear Readers,

I'm a pretty decent person. I would like to think that eventually someone is going to recognize how awesome my genes are, and decide that they'll produce the next iteration in human evolution. That, or I could rely on my inherent prettiness. 

Long story short - Sure, eventually I'll be a dad or something. 

Now, I can't even begin to imagine the responsibility involved with (more or less) owning someones life for 18 years. I don't wanna stress out and hit my breaking point like this guy: 

I especially don't want to be this kind of dad:

What I do know I want to do is give my kids a bunch of awesome shit. And that's pretty much what this post (and possible future posts) is (are)  about.

Be honest with yourself. When you were a kid, you wanted a tree house. Every kid does. I recognize and respect this fact, so I want to pay it forward and give my future kids what I never had. (Yes, I resent my parents for never providing younger me with a treehouse, #middlechildsyndrome)

When I say tree house, I actually mean tree house. I don't want to just throw a platform on some branches in the canopy while crossing my fingers. I want to actually design and construct an architectural statement, something that I could live in. I want it to be a unique space that's interesting and thought-provoking. More than anything though, I want it to be a place where my kids can go and stay out of my way. Objectively speaking, it's another room that I really don't have to worry about. Toys? Friends? Not my problem. That's when they're kids at least. 

The real reason a tree house is such a good idea is for when they get older. It'll still be an awesome room, but now it's especially isolated from the main house, and subsequently, parental supervision. It would be to best place to chill with friends. Oh no, what's that? No place to drink on Friday night? Just roll on over to the Rage-Cave. Need a quick place to escape with "what's her name again?" from the party down the street? Up to the Outback Attic it is. Shit, and talk about Hot Box. It could be a 24/7/365 shit-show. 

Yeah, I totally have to build a tree house. And you should too.

Until Next Time


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