The Six Year Plan: For Lack of a Better Title

Dear Readers,

It's hard to believe I've been writing for a year. It's harder to believe the shit I've thought of and written about in a year. My mind leaves me flabbergasted sometimes. Anyway, there's a lot going on this week. I've got to announce the winner of the Bacardi Stein. If you didn't take notice of the giveaway, then I curse your family and wish a plague of locusts upon your house. FOR ALL OF ETERNITY. Then, I've got to write today's post. Christ, I can't wait for the semester to start up again. I'll be around crazy people / themes / events, and if those don't give me a little inspiration, then I'm just gonna quit. "For real, for real." And lastly, tomorrow I post my first "art work thingy post." So let's get this over with. 

For starters, it took much time and deliberation (a whole extra week, whoop de doo), but the winner of the Six Year Stein has been decided.The winner wasn't just arbitrarily decided, I'm better than that. Instead, I meditated for countless hours, contemplating life, the universe, everything. When I noticed I had fallen into the abyss known as the inner mind, I opened my eyes and found God. Sitting calmly in front of me, God said that whoever owns the Stein would need to be a just person, one who would use it for the advancement of humankind. This person would need to be a hero among men, an icon for the fallen, lost, and weak. 

Well, since I don't know anyone like that, the Stein is going to the one and only (except not really because I'm sure it's a relatively common name) Drew Kennedy. 
Because this guy looks like he needs more alcohol, eh?

So onward. I was gonna write some quick, bullshit post about my life dreams and goals, but it got me thinking. That's a post that deserves some actual energy and thought. If I'm gonna get serious, which doesn't happen often, then I should go all out and actually say something. I mean, I know you guys don't just want to read a list of shit I plan on doing. (Hell, I really don't understand why anyone reads anything I write, period.) But if I'm going to waste your time, I'm going to thoroughly waste it. You're not gonna get off that easy. 

I'm going to start posting art / design stuff on Sundays. It'll probably be just stupid little pictures, with maybe a description of what it is, and why I decided to produce said intellectual property. If I get to the point where I start recording songs and posting those, you guys are gonna be in for a real treat.

This is where you readers come in. I have no idea what to call the new Sunday post. I want you all to give me suggestions on what to title it. Comment on this post, or comment on facebook. Whatever works. And with that, I'm out.

Until Next Time.


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