The Doctor Is In: Hot Problems Premier Album

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Ludo, a solid band whose front-man Andrew Volpe not only tells amazing stories throughout the songs, but does so with such strong emotion.  The past few months, however, Andrew has taken on a new project as Dr. Preston Hot with Hot Problems.  To sum up the meaning behind this project, we go straight to the source:
Dr. Hot and D.J. Problems are two men from the future who have come to 2012 to make a dance-pop record.

Dr. Hot and D.J. Problems in their younger years.
As the 'grandson of Andrew Volpe', Dr. Hot  [who bares an identical resemblance to Andrew] has come back in time with D.J. Problems to bring a style of music, which they call Partyfundance, to the world of today.  Where Ludo sounds like your local band, but legions better, Hot Problems is more pop-sounding and synthetic.  Dr. Hot told us in a message, "It's like Ludo, except in place of the testicular guitars are dance beats."  With heavier keyboard and bass, this is music that can be played both at a club or just blaring out of the speakers of a 2000 Ford Windstar Minivan.

"A minivan is not covered for Hot Problems." - Geico
The first single they put out was spread like futuristic wildfire through the web due to the amazing music video.  Not only is it a great music video, but the tune is catchy with it's party theme and upbeat tempo.  It fits the mold of a 'back to school and party' song.  It has your foot tapping by after the first few measures and keeps up that drive throughout the whole tune.  Pairing this weekend song with Admiral Ackbar telling us how much loving he is going to get adds some bonus points.  Although there is a break from the high energy around the 3 minute mark, the exchange between Leia and Han Solo kicks it back into overdrive as they round out the song.

The second single to be released continues the Doctor's 'partyfundance' theme with more tasteful autotune and a club sensation. With the backdrop of drinking, partying, dancing, and waking up with a girl he thought was sent home in a cab, this song resonates with men and women everywhere.  The key to remember for this album, though, is that it is not the traditional Ludo that we have come to love.  Instead, this is a fresh take on the current club scene.  On the subject of being a fan of Pop music, Andrew explained: 

               "I am unashamedly one, although I despise cardboard cutout Britney Perry fakes who have that      deer-in-the-headlights look and no soul and give pop a bad name--when I talk about pop, I'm talking about Michael Jackson/Prince/etc."
The addition of the men coming from the future is like a party driven Terminator who has one mission:  to kill it on the dancefloor.

The album, Relax, It's Just a Pop Album, drops in a couple of hours after a 163 day campaign has made this possible.  Since I have had the pleasure of hearing the album in its entirety a week early, I can assure you that all the tracks keep the fast paced pop feel without sounding cheesy or cookie cutter.  There is actual substance to these songs whereas other songs in the genre are the same thing, over and over.  Dr. Hot is the type of man that strikes gold when digging for clams and Hot Problems is testament to his skills.

For a taste of the backstory, here is an excerpt of it from Dr. Hot, himself, when asked how he got here by St. Louis Music Press: 
"You mean how did I get now? A wormhole. On April 9, 2067, against all known scientific ethics and my own sense of self-preservation, I stepped into one of my own experimental wormholes and traveled back through time to the year 1959. It was an extremely bad idea." 


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