Barack Obama, Round Two: A Win for the DNC

It is official.  President Barack Obama has been reelected as the president of our country.  This means one thing...for the next few days, we will read our friend's posts on Facebook as they believe our country is either becoming greater than ever or our country is going to crumble into the oceans like Atlantis.  Either way, there is no changing it.  The road to this night was long, tiresome, and full of mud slinging.  We lost friends on Facebook along the way, we endured grueling ads about who to vote for in between songs on Pandora, and we managed to keep our cool when we were cut off in traffic by a car with a 'Forward' bumper sticker.
Do they even know that Camry is a Japanese car manufacturer???
Although the country was very close in its voting, it was the electoral college who decided the fate of our Commander-in-Chief.  Although Obama will not release his college records, his record with the Electoral College is like the 1972 Miami Dolphins, and there is no hiding that.  

His QB ranking is always above 270.
There are major news networks that will be covering the ins and outs of the election and will analyze more polls than the few members of The Daily Serge can keep up with, so we will let you look at them for the in depth account of this race.  But in 2016, we'll all be at it again.  Arguing on Facebook.  Voicing our opinions on Twitter.  Maybe even leaving a video response about how Bush is still to blame.  But until then, remember that this changing of the guard is still one of the most peaceful and amazing handing over of power in the world.  And that is what makes America the greatest country of all....

The scene right after the crossing of the Delaware....


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