On That Note - Music to be Grateful For

Heavy Weather album artwork
There are countless tracks that I could list that I am (and you should be) grateful for.  This week leads me to discuss Weather Report's "Birdland" after being reintroduced to the track after years of separation.    Arguably the pinnacle of contemporary jazz and bass playing, Weather Report not only brings you a forecast you want to hear, but a fusion of sound that will undoubtedly make your day brighter whether or not the sun is shining.

Written by keyboardist Joe Zawinul, the track features exceptional bass playing by none other than Jaco Pastorius (arguably the best bassist ever).  In G, the track floats around within the confides of the major tonality and its relative minor/modal keys.  The track put the band in a category of higher popularity both with the media and public.  I think this is a just reaction, as the song quickly became a jazz standard, having been covered by the Buddy Rich Big Band and Quincy Jones shortly after its release.

Listening to this makes me wish I was around in 1977.  What more can you ask for?  Star Wars and "Birdland"... geek paradise.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Feel free to email with any music you want discussed.  In my spirit of gratitude, I may just answer said requests!


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