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Album Artwork - Muse The 2nd Law
A month late after its release, I have finally mustered the will to face one of my worst fears of 2012 - the whereabouts of Muse's musical LZ (landing zone) of arguably the band's most dramatic stylistic turn.  Despite my loyalty to the band, I unfortunately must add Muse's latest The 2nd Law to the list "albums not to buy" (or maybe "albums not to pay mind to" since people don't buy music anymore).  While it gives me no pleasure considering their past successes, I have found it increasingly necessary as I have listened to the album more.

The only tracks I have respect for on the album are "Survival" and "The 2nd Law: Isolated System."  "Survival" was featured during the 2012 London Olympics.  The sound is fairly reminiscent of The Resistance, namely "United States of Eurasia" with a similar sound overall and a political theme present throughout.  Bellamy belts a rich melody when the guitar is introduced.  This is the highlight of the album, in my opinion.  "The 2nd Law: Isolated System" relies on heavy instrumentation found in the piano and makes me remember the day when Muse used instruments to produce music, not electronic machines.

The heavy incorporation of dub step throughout most of the album is a disgrace.  This type of music is outrageous to begin with, and despite my loyalty, is a genre I think Muse ought not continue to meddle in.  The musical talent of the three Brits far exceeds the limitations and trendiness that is found in dub.

Here is the full album of The 2nd Law: Isolated System:


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