Sequel to Boy Meets World?

Before I liked Asians, there was Topanga.

I grew up thinking Cory's last name was Hefner.

It was the greatest series in the history of television.  To follow a boy my age through middle school, then high school...then the college years and the whole time he stayed with Topanga.  She was everybody's perfect "girl-next-door".  And with their best friend Shawn Hunter, they lived the school life that I could only dream about.  Even their next door neighbor/teacher/principal/dean/mentor, Mr. Feeny, would speak words of wisdom so perfectly quipped, I believed him to be the most intellectual man on the face of the earth.

"Detention, Mr. Hunter."

But in 2000, it ended.

Cory and Topanga were married.  Mr. Feeny retired.  And Shawn was most likely on an episode of Breaking Bad.  My childhood was over.  No longer could I be there with the gang as they began High School and college.  No longer could Topanga be my love.

But this week, Disney has announced that there will be a sequel to Boy Meets World.  Now, Cory will fill in the footsteps of his lifelong mentor, Mr. Feeny, and teach young minds.  And although the old cast has not officially signed on, there is some hope that they will, especially with a tweet from Topanga, herself:
"Just want you guys to know that and I have talked and we've decided...Thanksgiving is going to be delicious this year!"
 So get ready to sit back and enjoy some nostalgia of the greatest show to ever hit the airwaves, Boy Meets World.


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