Projecteo: The Tiny Instagram Projector

Mint Digital, the same company that created Foldable.Me, has developed a new device that will give you +1 to your hipster status.  It is called the Projecto, and it is a tiny projector for your Instagram pictures.

The device uses a modified 35 mm slide film to project your Instagram images onto a wall, your hand, or whatever other surface you find necessary to view your sepia filtered masterpieces.  Each slide contains nine images and fits snuggly into the tiny device. 

"We’ve developed a process to get your Instagrams onto a single frame of 35mm Kodak film stock, which is cut into a circle and fits snugly inside a wheel. To change wheels, just gently pull it out and place the next one in the slot. You will be able to collect as many wheels as you like.”

If this is something you would like to raise awareness about and donate to, they have a Kickstarter set up to gather funding.  I actually do enjoy this projector, even though my phone cannot handle the Instagram App (as many know, my phone was made during the Industrial Revolution).  The size is truly compact and the collection of wheels makes a great keepsake.  So watch the video and decide if this is up your alley.


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