Biden to speak with gaming reps. Is he looking for a new guild?

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting in December, one of the most discussed topics is how guns should or should not be regulated.  While one side believes all guns should be banned, the other side thinks that a gun should be given to every breathing pers on.  But in the midst of all the arguing, there has been debate on to what is the catalyst to make individuals follow through on their heinous acts.  And as always, officials are blaming the video game industry for their influence on the minds of our youth.  As we discussed earlier, video games have been known to promote team building and critical thinking, and there is no solid evidence to show video games create violent youths.  But that isn't stopping the administration from cracking down on the current state of video games.

This is considered an 'assault video game' since it holds more than one controller at a time

The task force, which is headed by Vice President Biden, is designed to review legislation regarding the banning of firearms, specifically assault rifle, but they force is also meeting with video game representatives to discuss the impact the games have on society, as well as future possibilities to tone down the games.  As Reuters states,  
"[Biden] is also looking at the role of violent movies and videogames in mass shootings and whether there is adequate access to mental health services."
Chances are the findings will be sent up to Obama so he can better prepare himself before giving his State of the Union address.  But are video games really to blame for the mindset of lunatics?  Or should the real focus be put on the mental health and not on a gaming system?  

If Call of Duty makes me violent, then Monopoly should make me a millionaire....


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