Toy Story 4 Just As Possible As Toys Talking

Rumors have been spreading all morning, but a representative from Walt Disney Pictures has officially dismissed the rumors of a new Toy Story 4.

Their reps really get into character.

On Monday, there was an infamous tweet from a Colombian journalist that suggested of a 2015 release of Pixar's Toy Story 4.  But Disney has stated to Buzzfeed that 'nothing official' has been planned.  In 2011, NME reported that Tom Hanks hinted that there would be a fourth installment of the successful franchise, saying 'I think they are trying to do another one.  The spirit afoot is to make a fourth.'

So once again, rumors from Twitter have caused many people to protest Disney's 'decision' to continue the Toy Story franchise.  But rest assured that Buzz and Woody will stay on their shelf for a few more years, at least.

This is pretty much how Twitter works.


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