Kit Kat Lasagna

There comes a time in one's life where he or she discovers something that elevates them to the next level.  For Michelangelo, it was his 'David'....Beethoven had his nine symphonies...and for me, it is the Kit Kat Lasagna.

The recipe is simple enough.  One layer of marshmallows, then a layer of Kit Kats....then a layer of graham crackers followed by another layer of marshmallows.  Above that, a layer of M&Ms...then...more...marshmallows......topped off by a final layer of Kit Kats.

There is no set standard on baking time, but it needn't bake for too long in order to preserve the integrity of the lasagna.  In my opinion, it would be best to quickly bake the bottom layers, then add the top half and finish baking.  That way, there is a uniform melt to tease the palate.

"ichitaka05" from the forum has shared their rendition of this wild animal...
 Good luck on your endeavors as you attempt to ride this stallion of a dessert and if you do end up taming the beast, please send us pictures of your creation [].  Good luck, and Godspeed.


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