Back From the Grave

It has been about three years since I posted on The Daily Serge, so needless to say, a lot has changed during this time.  Right now, I am living in beautiful Daejeon, South Korea...for those who may not know where that is, rest easy...neither did I.  Located in the heart of the country, it's a great place to go hiking, traveling, and relaxing.

My job as a sweet potato farmer was short-lived, however.
As a public school teacher, my day consists of teaching English to elementary school students and experiencing cultural trips.  What brought me here was EPIK (the English Program in Korea), which is the government teaching program.  

So while I may be a bit further from where The Daily Serge started, rest assured that I look forward to updating the site in the near future with more posts and media.  

With the new year approaching and the holidays about to go into full swing, we'll be steamrolling with updates on music (On That Note), foods, technology, and anything else that catches our eyes.

Taking notes, and taking names.


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