On That Note

After securing tickets despite many obstacles and in preparation for this Thursday's Empire of the Sun show in Chicago, I thought it appropriate to discuss one of their songs I hope to see performed at Riviera Theater.
Album artwork, Walking on a Dream
The opener for the acclaimed album Walking on a Dream, "Standing on the Shore" is an absolutely clutch track.  Released in 2009 as their third single off of the album, it represents what has become known as the electroacoustic/synthpop genre. This genre has seen significant development over the past decade or so as children born and raised in the eighties have grown up and not been able to escape the music their parents listened to.  Good or bad, it is here to stay, at least for a short while, although some may argue that the genre is heading in the direction of fusion with EDM (electronic dance music).  Although EDM is sweeping the globe in terms of popularity, especially in Europe, Empire of the Sun, especially as embodied in this track, is holding down the western front in terms of keeping the genre definite from EDM. 

What gets me most about this track is the bassline. It is always moving and maintains a sense of suspicion somehow. The effect is quite remarkable. Add a simple but good melody on top of that with sufficient vocal harmony and you have yourself a few minutes of head nodding enjoyment with minimal commitment. What more can someone alive in this day and age ask for?

Don't take my word for it — take a look at the tape.

Until next time (which will be me filling you in as to how the concert was)


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