'Tis the Season

Although Christmas is only four days away, my intention with the title of this post was not to get you in the "holiday spirit," but rather to make a joke - we are beginning the full swing of the political season.  

With the final Republican presidential candidate debate behind us, the claws have really started to come out among the upper half of the remaining candidates.  You may find yourself wondering, as many conservative leaning Americans are, "What's next?"  With fifty days before the first state primary, anything can happen - anyone can be slashed by a claw and injured to a point of no return (at least for four years...).  

Although the Democratic party is determining a candidate as well since Obama will be finishing his final term, a number of reasons cause their efforts to be slightly less interesting than the Republicans' and thereby receive less attention:  with only three candidates as opposed to about triple that amount, in comparison, none have anything "interesting" to say...

The Daily Serge will be profiling all of the major candidates in the next seven weeks and post of any significant happenings during that time to help keep you informed with as unbiased content as possible.  America needs a grassroots political movement - let The Daily Serge spearhead the effort and empower you to make informed decisions.  Stay tuned for more posts coming your way in the coming weeks!


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