'Tis the Season

Businessman, imperial entrepreneur, entertainer, and best-selling author: it could have been said that Donald John Trump had done it all prior to his announcement in June to run for the republican candidacy. Trump is showing the world that not only has he done it all, but he is doing it still.  Since his campaign was officially initiated, the limelight has been unable to escape Trump.  A number of politically incorrect statements, self-funded campaign (when considering his wealth and resource pool, this cannot be downplayed), and being the outsider of outsiders unhindered by the media have helped Trump immediately grasp and sustain the lead in most polls.

Donald John Trump
A lot of similarities can be observed between Donald Trump's surprising entrance and consistently held lead in polls and his stint in the world of professional wrestling: both seemingly came out of thin air, were considerably successful, and had him overtaking the establishment that had administered the organized prior to his involvement.  This could very well be part of the reason he has caught and sustained the attention of so many Americans, for better or worse.

Donald Trump - champion in and out of the ring
The thesis of Trump's candidacy may be the real reason many Americans are drawn to the idea of having him preside over the country.  Best summed up in his frequently used catchphrase "Make America great again," what American doesn't want a renaissance of prosperity and peace to spread throughout the land and world?  The reason this is no longer the case, Trump states, is the unfortunate density of incompetence in Washington, DC.  Trump also states that a return to the values many conservative politicians hold dear is the way to make the country great again, namely with an immediate repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  Claiming he would be a stickler on illegal immigration, Trump asserts that building a wall on the southern border would be done during his term.  While many have been critical of this, Trump consistently reassures his listeners that the wall would include a large door in the wall, reinforcing that he would want many immigrants to come to America, but legally.  Trump is now opposed to abortion although in the past was in favor of it.

While new to politics, to call into question the man's ability to lead is foolish - he has built and maintained a successful empire for years.  Is this enough though?  While there may be similarities between the business world and foreign policy world, there are a number of differences though - differences substantial enough to cause many to call into question the true legitimacy of this man as the republican candidate.  A lack of experience in world politics is a shortcoming one simply cannot overlook, and one that may be capitalized on by his eventual opponent (assuming Trump were to win the republican ticket).

Confidence and charisma sell...


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