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What's your limit for a show in which the artist, at best, is a one-hit-wonder?  Mine is $15, $17 with fees, and the amount of money I wasted to see Strange Talk at Lincoln Hall in Chicago earlier this month.  What was originally a "What the heck?  It's only $15 bucks" turned into a wasted $37, dinner included (although the dinner wasn't necessarily a waste), and hours of lost sleep had I not gone to the show, especially since there was a discrepancy surrounding the starting time of the show.  At least I was in good company...

The Intergalactix

Fast forward about an hour later in a land down under (in a sense - both acts are Australian) and a mediocre cover of "Shout" by Tears for Fears, Strange Talk finally took the stage. What was missing, or so I, my brother, and his girlfriend thought, was half the band. Turns out half the band was not missing, but the band split. Strange Talk now exists merely as a duo that sits in front of computer screens and makes sound in a way not nearly as good as Daft Punk.

While the claim of an opening act being better than the main performer at a concert in and of itself is not legitimate criteria to determine if the main act is one you will no longer be listening to or not, this criteria was definitely applicable in this situation.  As good as Intergalactix was not, they hands down took the night with the opener, "The New Sound."  While the night got progressively worse, I'll admit that this song was decent. 

Strange Talk as they have come to be...

We left halfway through Strange Talk's second song which was a terrible version of "Climbing Walls." It sounded completely removed from the original.  I would suspect the band splitting up had something to do with the title remaining the same but the song differing significantly.  

While not what was expected, the night can and will nevertheless be looked back on with laughter, especially recalling the extremely charismatic homosexual guy who was escorted out at some time for trying to climb on the stage and breaking glass and was way too into the music throughout the opener.

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