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The genre I probably appreciate most but have the least knowledge of or familiarity with is jazz. There are so many things going on simultaneously, musically speaking, it makes me go crazy, especially when experienced live.  I had the privilege of seeing Roy Hargrove perform at Jazz Showcase in Chicago this past week.  Although I am not familiar with his music enough to know the set list, I can tell you that it was one for the books.  

Roy Hargrove quintet, Jazz Showcase
I am not sure what said "this quintet is absolutely legit" more: the fact that Roy Hargrove had sunglasses on indoors for the entirety of the set or the fact that the musicians could be found at the bar in the same room they performed in before and after the set.

Whether or not these things contributed to the sensation of feeling giddy, it was something that overcame me that fine evening.  It was such a strong experience that I told my company that I felt like I was a girl who was flatteringly asked out buy a guy that they liked: my heart was racing and I felt like screaming the entire set.  I have more descriptive language in mind to describe the reaction I have to jazz and had seeing the Roy Hargrove quintet, but I find it to be unnecessary to expound upon.

The performance embodied so much of what makes jazz great: people just gathering around to listen to good music performed by people that thoroughly enjoy performing music.  This was obviously apparent in each member's contribution to the artistry of the group.  The chemistry between each of the members could be felt throughout the room.  The bass and drummer has me weak at the knees.

Unfortunately, as stated, since I am unfamiliar with the genre, the only thing more I can really say is check them out for yourself

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