'Tis the Season

While our previous persona was an entrepenerial emperor, many, and some do, argue that Hillary Clinton comes from a political empire, that is, the Clinton family.  Family dynasties are nothing new to American politics, despite its greatest attempts to rid itself of such power structures: consider the Roosevelt family, Kennedy family, and the Bush family.

The current front-runner of the Democractic candidacy, Hillary has seen her fair share of all things politics.  Having studied law at Yale University, Clinton has experienced the Governor's Mansion of Arkansas (for two terms) as first lady, the White House (for two terms) as first lady, senator of New York, and Secretary of State.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary's experience, connections, and what she represents may very well be what have the attention of her large number of supporters.  The woman to have made it the furthest in the bid for presidency thus far and the one that seems most probable to be elected to the position in the near future, Clinton represents a class of people that feel underrepresented, that is, the female vote.  Piggybacking off of their ability to elect the first black American to the office of president, the Democratic party seems to be the party of progress, something Clinton campaigns on.  Hillary's relevant experience cannot be ignored: she has seen what it is like to be in office for many years, directly and indirectly.  

Those not of the liberal political persuasion call into question a number of things regarding the legitimacy of Clinton's candidacy.  Is someone fit to lead America although they have had a number of questionable decisions on their record?  Is someone who by many's assertion has changed their stance on a number of issues to appeal to those listening to her at the time the right choice for our country?  Who is to say they would not do the same to various world leaders, namely the ones America is at odds with?


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